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Managers 2019-2020
Secretary Information & Managers Contacts
Season 2019-2020
(Season 2019)Club SecretaryAdrian Mooney(087) 276 6118
Brookfield, Sherlockstown,
Calendar Season 2019
Academy Wayne McGarry(085) 727 4127
U7 Twin (Red) Ronan Moylan(086) 130 3852
U7 Twin (Black)Ronan Moylan(086) 130 3852
U8 TwinPaul Ryan(087) 243 0575
U9 Twin John Cunningham(008) 683 0626
U10 PremierStephen Cummings(087) 990 8355
U10 PremierStephen Cummings(087) 990 8355
Winter 2019-2020
U13Adrian Mooney(087) 276 6118
U13Alan Quinlan(086) 602 3399
U15Dean Fields(085) 717 3148
U17 Tommy Elston(087) 771 0659
Girls Adrian Mooney(087) 276 6118

25/02/2020 16:54
Under 18 Major Division
Kildare Town 0 - 3 Kill Celtic 16/10
Kildare Town lose to Kill Celtic.
6th placed Kildare Town were beaten at home by League leaders Kill Celtic at Rathbride Road at 2 pm

Kildare Town
Form: L W L

Kill Celtic have yet to be beaten away from home.
Form: W L W L W W D

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 17 Major League
Kilcock Celtic 6 - 0 Kill Celtic 16/10
Kilcock Celtic claim victory against Kill Celtic.
5th placed Kilcock Celtic comprehensively won 6-0 against their visitors, 6th placed Kill Celtic at Bawnogue at 2 pm

Kilcock Celtic have yet to be beaten at home.
Form: W D W W D W W L

Kill Celtic
Form: L W W W W D L L

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 15 Major League
Castle Villa AFC 1 - 2 Kill Celtic 16/10
Castle Villa AFC beaten by Kill Celtic.
11th placed Castle Villa AFC were marginally beaten at home by 9th placed Kill Celtic at Mullarney Park at 12:30 pm

Castle Villa AFC
Form: L L D L W D L

Kill Celtic
Form: W L L W L

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 13 Major League
Coill Dubh 2 - 6 Kill Celtic 16/10
Coill Dubh despatched by Kill Celtic.
10th placed Coill Dubh were beaten at home by 8th placed Kill Celtic at Cusack Park, Coill Dubh at 11:45 am

Coill Dubh has yet to win in this competition, having lost all 5 games.
Form: L L L L L

Kill Celtic
Form: W L L D L L D

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 12 Major League
Suncroft AFC 2 - 2 Kill Celtic 16/10
Suncroft AFC share points with Kill Celtic.
4th placed Suncroft AFC were held to a 2-2 draw by 5th placed Kill Celtic at Community Grounds, Suncroft at 11 am

Suncroft AFC
Form: D L L L L W

Kill Celtic
Form: D L L W L

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 15 Major League
Kill Celtic 3 - 4 Sallins Celtic 9/10
Kill Celtic despatched by Sallins Celtic.
9th placed Kill Celtic were marginally beaten at home by 3rd placed Sallins Celtic at Straffan Park at 12:45 pm

Kill Celtic
Form: W L L W L

Sallins Celtic
Form: W W L L W

21/10/2021 09:00
Under 13 Major League
Kill Celtic 3 - 7 Derry Rovers 9/10
Kill Celtic suffer defeat to Derry Rovers.
8th placed Kill Celtic were beaten at home by 6th placed Derry Rovers at Straffan Park at 11 am

Kill Celtic
Form: W L L D L L D

Derry Rovers
Form: L W W L L D L L

21/10/2021 09:00
Club Summary
Goals ScoredGoals ConcededClean SheetsRed CardsYellow Cards
1Moone Celtic62852318
2Monasterevin AFC729101918
3Kilcock Celtic6171616
4Suncroft AFC61122-114
5Kill Celtic5720-134
6Naas AFC6524-193
1Athy Town931102121
2Rathangan AFC83282420
3Moone Celtic1030151520
4Naas United91881019
5Kilcock Celtic838152317
6Kill Celtic81814413
7Newbridge United14350-470
8Clane United14151-500
1Straffan AFC71910915
2Monasterevin AFC72091113
3Kilcullen AFC72320313
4Arlington AFC4149512
5Dunlavin AFC51661010
6Derry Rovers8191907
7Kilcock Celtic412936
8Kill Celtic71930-115
9Naas AFC41120-91
10Coill Dubh5526-210
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16/10Kildare Town03Kill Celtic
16/10Kilcock Celtic60Kill Celtic
16/10Castle Villa AFC12Kill Celtic
16/10Coill Dubh26Kill Celtic
16/10Suncroft AFC22Kill Celtic
09/10Kill Celtic23Portlaoise AFC Green
09/10Kill Celtic34Sallins Celtic
09/10Kill Celtic37Derry Rovers
02/10Prosperous United06Kill Celtic
02/10Kill Celtic07Kilcock Celtic
02/10Derry Rovers82Kill Celtic
02/10Kill Celtic23Arlington AFC
27/09Clane United03Kill Celtic
27/09Kill Celtic30Clane United
27/09Newbridge United03Kill Celtic
27/09Kill Celtic30Newbridge United
25/09Moone Celtic22Kill Celtic
25/09Kill Celtic03Suncroft AFC
25/09Kill Celtic32Prosperous United
25/09Kill Celtic14Moone Celtic
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